Best Places to take pictures in Kristiansand, Norway
In the south coast of small but mighty Norway lies the beautiful city of Kristiansand. Walking the streets, you’re not just welcomed as a visitor, but as a friend. With Instagram friendly photo locations across the city, a laid-back south coast flair, and vibrant south Norwegian personality, Kristiansand is a historic city infused with modern-day character. It’s nearly impossible to find favourites here, but I’ve rounded up 10 of the best places to take photos in Kristiansand for your next trip.
1. Posebyen
In the north east corner of the square city center you'll find Posebyen. You will hardly find anything more unique than Posebyen. The charming district has a 300 year old history and soul. The unique area is Northern Europe's longest, continuous wooden house development. Posebyen is located in the North eastern part of the city center and contains the oldest and most characteristic buildings in the city. In the district's ten quarters, you will find 166 properties worthy of protection that date from the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1892, there was a major city fire that many of these houses survived. At that time, low-income people, workers and craftsmen lived there. The working class district was a lively area with large families and a bustling life. Credit
2. The colored houses in Elvegata
Not infrequently, the residents of the colorful brick houses in Elvegata hear that they are the nicest houses in the city. The construction of the brick houses in Elvegata started in the 1920s. One of the houses is known to have been completed in 1926, another as late as 1934. The two-storey brick buildings were to provide the city with a total of 33 apartments, most of them with two rooms and a kitchen. Today, none of the houses are alike. Credit
3. McDonald's in the bank
The American magazine Smithsonian, with a circulation of over two million, believes the McDonald's restaurant in Kristiansand is among the most distinctive on the planet. Although customers can no longer enter through the bank's original door (the entrance is now located on the side), this McDonald's restaurant has class, although the interior is quite ordinary. The restaurant in Kristiansand is constantly attracting attention. In 2014, it was named one of the world's 12 most bizarre, by British The Mirror. Credit
4. Kristiansand Cathedral
Kristiansand Cathedral is centrally located on the town square and is the most striking and central building in the City Center. It was built in 1883-84 in brick and wood in neo-Gothic style, and was consecrated on March 18, 1885. This is the third cathedral in the city and the fourth church that stands on this site in the City Square. The church is one of the largest in Norway with its 1000 approved seats. It is 70 meters high, 60 meters long and 38.7 meters wide. The large, beautiful and eye-catching altarpiece was painted by the famous artist Eilif Pettersen in 1886, and depicts the meeting of the resurrected with the two disciples in Emmaus. Credit
5. The citys emerald: Sørlandet
The full rigger Sørlandet is an unique cultural heritage from the maritime Norway under sail. Previously, she was a school ship for sailor training of schoolship boys.
Hundred years ago, on February 25, 1918, Marie and Oluf Andreas T. Skjelbred created an endowment: The funds were to be used to build the schoolship Sørlandet. The operation of the ship and school activities were organized through Sørlandets Seilende Skoleskibs Institution. The full rigger was built in Kristiansand and launched in May 1927. The purpose of the school ship business was to give young people the best possible education in practical and theoretical skills. Now she is available for upper secondary education and adventure sailing for "youth" of all ages. Credit
You'll find her in western harbour if she's not on a mission.

6. Kilden theater and concert hall
Kilden theater and concert hall in Kristiansand is one of the Nordic region's most exciting environments for professional performing arts and music. The building was completed in 2012, and has since been rewarded for innovative, beautiful and exciting solutions. Technically and acoustically, the concert hall is one of Europe's most advanced rooms for live music. The building's most important expression is the architectural meeting between artists and the audience. Credit
7. Christiansholm Fortress
The fortress was finished in 1672 and formed a part of King Christian IV's plan for defense of Kristiansand when the city was founded in 1641. It was built on an islet, about 100 yards from shore. Today the fortress is connected to the mainland. The only time the fortress has been in battle was against a British fleet force, led by HMS Spencer (1800) in 1807 during the Napoleonic Wars. The fortress was decommissioned by royal decree during 1872 as part of a major redevelopment of fortifications across the nation. Today, Christiansholm is a tourist attraction and venue for a variety of cultural events and festivities. It is a site used principally for recreation and cultural events.Credit
8. Odderøya Lighthouse
Odderøya Lighthouse is a coastal lighthouse located on the southwestern coast of the island  of Odderøya in Kristiansand municipality in Agder county, Norway. The lighthouse was first built in 1832. The lighouse was replaced in 1874. That second lighthouse was deactivated in 1984 and a new, automated lighthouse was built adjacent to the historic one, which is still standing. The second Odderøya Lighthouse is listed and protected by law by the Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage. Credit
9. Baneheia
Baneheia extends right up to the center of Kristiansand, and is a much used walking, keep-fit and recreational area. The nature park was developed and planted by General Wergeland and his troops in the 1870-80's, after many years use as pasture and for woodcutting. There are rambling paths, lighted trails, keep- fit trails, special trails for the disabled, forest paths, culture trails, swimming and fishing spots, vantage points and a thriving bird and animal life. Access is easy from the nearby communities, or directly from the very heart of town. Credit
10. Ny-Hellesund
Ny-Hellesund is an outport in Kristiansand. The islands of Ny-Hellesund formed an outport because they all have good harbors and approach conditions. Ny-Hellesund has 21 permanent residents (in 2015), but in the summer there are many more temporary residents who live in holiday cottages, guest houses, and boathouses. Ny-Hellesund was from the 18th century known for its pilot station, customs station, guesthouses and fisheries. Many Norwegian painters such as Johan Martin Nielssen and Amaldus Nielsen have portrayed Ny-Hellesund over the years. A ferry sails between Høllen and Ny-Hellesund several times each day all year. Credit
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